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Welcome to e.Ceesoft-move program!


The e.Cee Soft-move-Program was created in 2007. It was envisioned to provide seamless information and data exchange between ship and office in a manner that enhances operational efficiency by use of up to date technology developments in the fields of communication.

e.Cee Soft-move Program has been developed systematically to improve or enhance functionality and to remove bugs. Inevitably this is a work in progress. Technological advances enable the development of functionality and this leads to new bugs. We have made every effort to identify faults before finishing this version, but ... your continual support and cooperation will be appreciated. Above all we ask for your feedback to help contribute to the development and success of the system.


The objective of e.Cee Soft-move is simple. It is to provide a means of enabling a data exchange between ship and office in a seamless manner that is enabled by modern communications technology, whereby data entry is made on a one-time basis at the point of data source ? i.e. onboard ship.

In the case of e.Cee Soft-move the data relates to a history of the ships movements, and identifies the purpose of the movement ? arrival, sailing, anchoring, dry docking, bunkering ? and records the data associated with the movement ? times, dates, RoBs and so forth.

None of the data required, or requested by e.Cee Soft-move is new. It is well established data that was previously transmitted to the office by email, telex or fax. But times and technologies have changed. We consider email, telex and fax as dead technologies. That is to say the information is text rather than electronic and cannot be transposed to any other format or imported into a recordable database without human, or manual, intervention. Meaning the data must be retyped or encoded upon receipt. This is, of course, inefficient in time and cost and runs the risk of incomplete data being transmitted, and data being overlooked or lost completely on receipt.

e.Cee Soft-move ensures data is received in the format required and, by the use of pre-programmed default settings, prevents incomplete data from being transmitted. The system does not create additional work on the part of the ship, but eliminates duplication of effort in the office. The system is efficient and the data captured may be retained and retrieved indefinitely.